Congreso de la ACH
1-3 de junio de 2016
Peter Kozak (Inglaterra-Chile)
Poem for Marta Zabaleta, gardener of revolutions
We met by chance or fortuitous mistake, and right there and then I felt that strength of yours, such warmth and committed friendship, that critical intellect and deep, humanitarian concern for these far off lands that expelled you.

You have such a radical, clear voice Marta Zabaleta. I just wish it could be shouted from the rooftops, discussed in school classrooms, broadcast to every corner of these lands. I know so very well what you’ve been spending your life’s struggle to change, this brutal inequality, poverty of mind and spirit, ingrained abuse passed from one generation to the next; a patriarchal society of the old school, women as second-class citizens, unable to work or walk the streets or even be in their own homes without suffering mistreatment of one sort or another. And those who are supposed to ensure the good administration of society, our frequently decadent and corrupt politicians, do nothing but perpetuate this culture as they hang like puppets from the purse strings of the elite: you see it all very clearly, and share that vision with urgent intent.

But you, my dear friend, are such an inspiration, in words and deeds, in conviction and that profound, true love for life that shines from your heart and has inspired your life’s work.

The pathway you’ve chosen is often a lonely one,  I know, but still no less dignified, and one only trodden by true warriors like yourself, who simply wish to heal this sick and desperate world, to open closed minds, to encourage people to be fair and kind, and stop this exploitation, these wars, this crippling of lives and potential.


I salute you dear Marta, you exiled in my country, myself self-exiled in your distant lands, and like so many others who have crossed your path I shall ever feel inspired by your words and actions, by your noble example, by that deep sincerity and passionate belief that if enough of us join forces together in heart and mind and deeds, another human society more cultured and intelligent, more loving and equal, can be forged from the ashes of such sadness, pain and intolerance.

¡Venceremos! ... we can and we will, perhaps not in our lifetime, but the seeds you have been planting along with others will grow, will flourish, will blossom and propagate just like the flowers in your garden, and this world will change as it must Marta Zabaleta, gardener of revolutions.


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